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How to seek support from us

The first step is to contact one of the directors of Samuel Charity Foundation and briefly discuss the project that requires support from SCF. At the end of this brief discussion, the directors would establish if there is synergy between the organization that is seeking support and SCF.

Once the synergy is established, the organization will be asked to formally submit a "request for support" which should contain at least the following pieces of information about the organization that is seeking support and about the project.

Information about the organization seeking support

1.     Name of the organization:

2.     Address:

3.     Phone

4.     Email:

5.     Years in business:

6.     Name of the key contact person:

7.     Contact information (email and phone number):

8.     Names of directors:

Infrastructure and support

1.     Which local church will this orphanage be associated with?. Please provide name, address and name of the senior pastor of the church.

2.     Which local school will the children attend? Name, address and contact information of the principal of the school?

3.     How will medical services be offered to the children of the orphanage

Information about the project:

1.     Describe the project in 10-15 lines:

2.     Describe the organizational structure of the orphanage, starting with the Board of Directors.

3.     Cost of the project:

4.     Schedule of the project

5.     Estimated start date: (Best case and worst case)

6.     Estimated completion date: (Best case and worst case)

7.     Other sources of funding:

8.     Location of the project:

9.     What are the success factors for this project:

10.  What are the risk factors for this project:

Partnership of Samuel Charity Foundation

1.     How did you learn about us?

2.     What type of partnership are you looking for?

3.     Amount of funds sought:

 Once this is submitted, the Directors will respond to the "Request for support" within 30 business days with a GO/NOGO decision.

If you are looking for support or need additional information, contact us at   Samuel Foundation.

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