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Samuel charity Foundation contributions during this trip

While the main focus of the trip was to analyze the needs and to start the planning process for the objectives outlined at the beginning of this document, the Foundation also wanted to demonstrate its commitment to support the victims of Tsunami and in the course of this trip, the Foundation made the following contributions:

  1. Provided rice for 1000 families in Chennai. The quantity provided for each family would serve nine meals for five people within each family.
  2. Provided complete groceries (rice, lentils, oil etc) which would provide three meals a day for thirty days for 300 families in Velankanni, assuming five members in each family.
  3. Provided 50 houses for 50 families in Trinconmalee. Each house would have one room and a kitchen and common bathroom facilities.
  4. Provided gifts to a group of 22 children in Trinconmalee. The gifts included school uniform dresses, shoes, books for education and other accessories. These children are orphans and live in various homes spread out.
  5. Provided financial support to our Asian partners who have provided direct support to over 2000 Tsunami affected families in India and Sri Lanka .

View short documentary on our visit to Tsunami affected areas

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